A Bit of a Rush Post

Today has been an action packed fuckaroo (Dreamcatcher reference - Read it!). Not only was it my circle jerk Thursday, but we had settings deployed en-mass to every single user due to a script fuck up (not mine, thankfully). Add in the usual day to day stuff with only 1 hour across the entire day to do any work and ... just wow. Thank goodness it's over with until tomorrow.

I was hoping for a little more time to put a post together this evening but the world seems to be conspiring against me. I went for a quick ride after work to chill out, came back to find a war zone in one of the litter trays. Cleaned them both out and then one of the cats tipped one over spreading the contents across the floor once more. Winning!

On to more interesting things.

I read a post earlier which discussed a funding model for open source projects.

A new funding model for open source software
GitHub Sponsors is a step forward, but it’s far from a panacea. I propose an alternative model for open-source funding.

The concept itself is simple. You have a wallet, put money in and any projects on your list get a cut. I think this is a fantastic idea and there are already a few services in place that are trying to do this. Flattr being one.

Flattr - Contributors
Help the open and free web flourish. Support creators by paying for their free content.

Flattr itself is not strictly limited to open source projects, which isn't necessarily a bad thing as it has the draw from other user bases and the ability to put projects they may never have heard about in front of those eyes.

There seems to be a little dis-jointedness to the whole creator "profile" thing though. One example is the EFF. Both their site and their twitter is listed separately.

You'd think that this would be one thing. Maybe it is from a creator stand-point. I need to look in to it a little more yet but it seems strange at first glance.

That little brain fart is pretty much all I have time for tonight. But it has sown a seed of thought about funding multiple projects from a single "wallet".

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