A Flurry of Orders

I had to place a few orders today for parts for the bike. The postman is probably going to hate me but hopefully all the parts will arrive before next week when I have some time off.

Some jobs to do are replacing the two sealed bearings in the headset and the loose bearings in the rear wheel free hub. The headset shouldn't be too bad providing I've got the correct size. Unfortunately, a lot of the etching was worn away so some guess work had to be performed... this won't end well. As for the free hub bearings, that thing is a bloody nightmare to take apart.

Next job will be to index the gears. Since replacing the rear cassette the gears haven't been quite right. This is something I've never done before, so I have no idea how well that is going to go either.

After that, a couple of cables. One to sort out a second monitor for the other half and a one for my second monitor to work across both the personal and work machine.

Finally, stocking up on some 1KG tubs of almond butter from MyProtein, love that stuff and it's much cheaper buying it that way.

Tomorrow will also be the final day of #100DaysToOffload... crazy stuff.

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