A Long Week

Thank fuck it's Friday, that's pretty much all I can say about this week. If someone could be awkward, they were.

People falling for phishing attacks felt higher than normal this week too. I can't wait until we finish getting all of our users enabled with MFA. Mind you, there are still going to be those that approve a sign-in regardless, I just know it.

On a positive side, I did get to explore a little deeper in to the depths that is Azure. That thing is absolutely massive with features falling out of every dashboard. There also seems to be 3-4 dashboards for everything too, it's all getting incredibly confusing not knowing which dashboard is the best to be using to accomplish the same goal. I also wish they would hurry up and allow creation of custom roles under Azure AD. RBAC makes life so much easier.

I think that will do for today. My brain needs to switch off.

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