Day 75 - #100DaysToOffload

Thursday's. I hate Thursday's. We've implemented no meeting Friday at work to try and discourage the number of meetings we have and to try and get things done without them. While it makes Friday's free for me to actually do some damn work, it has not had the desired effect on the rest of my calendar. I've had about 3 hours total over the week so far to get any work done. Next week is about the same. Circle Jerks galore.

Anyway, on a much more positive note, my post that mentioned Codeberg yesterday seemed to go down OK with Codeberg clearing up my minor concerns about their funding.

Hearing this makes me much more likely to use the service knowing it won't be disappearing any time soon. I'll also be updating yesterday's post with their info.

That's pretty much it for today though. The very few braincells I have left are dribbling out of my ears from a day of meeting mayhem.

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