Following a F***book Group - Without an Account

I got rid of my FB account many years ago and if you haven't, you should seriously consider it.

Unfortunately, so many people still use it, including things like local running clubs. Now, this poses a problem for me as this is where all the races get posted. Thankfully my local one is getting better at this and keeping their own site up to date with a list of races coming up, but everything still always links back to FB.

A little while ago, I came across a discussion on Mastodon discussing Matrix

One of the suggestions in here was pushing RSS feeds in to your client of choice. Not something I really need as I have my RSS readflow setup and it works how I want it right now. However, it did discuss the following of a FB user/account as an RSS feed that doesn't require a login. Winning!

When I first tried it out, for some reason I just couldn't get it to work with the group I wanted to follow but I gave it another go recently and it worked first time.

By giving it the account name, you're presented with an overview of the content and a few format options to choose from:

  • Atom
  • JSON
  • MRSS
  • Plaintext

I used Microsoft's FB page as an example here. If you already know who you want to follow, just replace "Microsoft" with the account name you're after in the link below and you'll be taken to a page as demonstrated above.

Now I can use this feed in my RSS reader of choice and follow all the posts on the local running club group without having to have an account.

These services are very kindly hosted by for free. If you find the service useful and want to donate something, head over here

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