HDMI Switcher - Long Overdue

Something I've been meaning to do for some time now is get a small HDMI switcher for my office. This has become even more of a requirement since working from home much more as swapping HDMI cables back and forth between my PC/Work MacBook dock is just a royal pain in the arse. Not to mention no good for the connectors.

I thought I'd keep it simple at first and test to see if it worked as expected. So I found a simple Techole 2 in / 1 out at £9.99 (Associate Link), bargain.
Then after a few seconds I realised that wasn't going to be enough. I need 4 in / 2 out. This led me to the HDMI Matrix 4x2... at £45.99 (Associate Link). That's a bit more than I wanted to spend. So, back to plan A. I picked up 1 of the Techole 2x1's for testing to see how it behaves and then I'll pick up a second one if all goes well.

Seems to have served the purpose so far with no obvious delays. If there is I probably won't notice until I attempt to play a game at the weekend.

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