Removing Negativity from Your World

With the way things are right now, this is an incredibly difficult task to achieve, but it doesn't all have to be done in one go. Just the process of removing negative things from your life can feel incredibly rewarding.

We do many things in life that we don't enjoy doing. That's just part of growing up. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't remove the things we can. For most of us, work is one of those things that we just have to do so we can do other things we enjoy. For a lucky few of us, work is something we enjoy.

Now, while all that sounds incredibly deep, what I'm going to remove from my world today is something with very little importance - A podcast.

As I've mentioned previously, I get through a vast amount of audio content depending on where I am in my training cycles. I can be out on the road either cycling or running for many hours and depending on the workout, sometimes you need your brain to go somewhere else and ignore the pain. To do this, you need something to stimulate it and make it think - music doesn't cut it after hours of gear shifting on hilly terrain.

Back to the podcast. What is it that I'm going to remove? "Fireteam Chat - IGN's Destiny Show". Unless you're a gamer, you probably haven't stumbled across it. But I've been listening to the show now since around 2015. I love Destiny, the universe, the lore, the artwork. It is a truly amazing creation, but it's not without fault. My god Bungie, you make some fuck awful mistakes. But what you created is truly beautiful.

Back in 2015, the Fireteam Chat guys seemed to love it just as much and produced some great content but also didn't ignore the flaws either. But for the last 6 months or so, maybe even more - they just don't seem to have any love left for the game at all. I won't lie, there are times I have been so disapointed by the decisions Bungie have made with the games direction but it's a game. There's nothing to get so worked up about. So many people have forgotten the true purpose of these things, which is to bring us joy. If you no longer enjoy it, move the fuck on.

So that's precisely what I'm going to do with Fireteam Chat. Move the fuck on. Because I have had enough of your constant negativity, bitching, moaning, begging for features and changes, getting them and then describing how much of a shit idea it was to implement such things. The podcast has become a toxic circle jerk and it's an incredible shame. I used to really look forward to listening to the content and keeping up to date with things going on in the Destiny universe.

Bye bye Fireteam Chat, you had something good but that's long gone and so am I. Not that loosing 1 listener makes a blind bit of difference to something like IGN.

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