Sunday Lazy Post

In true Sunday fashion, today has been pretty lazy.

It started off with a short ride at around 7AM. I looked out the window, dry and overcast. Checking the temperature - good at 14c and very little wind. Ideal. Two minutes in to the ride and the clouds proceed to precipitate with force upon my noggin. Bastard! During the ride I also got stuck behind some sheep that just wouldn't turn off in to the countless gateways they had available to them - stupid creatures. Besides that, I had fun singing to myself in the rain, cruising along, not a care in the world.

Home, shower, breakfast and a short walk later I plonked myself down in front of Destiny 2 for some good old "blow shit up" therapy.

The afternoon has consisted of a bit of lunch, watching a young Arnie in Kindegarten Cop, another short walk and the first episode of Netflix's Snowpiercer. I'm quite impressed from the first episode, I really enjoyed it.

Now the washing up is done, the sunday dinner is almost ready and I can tick the daily post off the list as my last todo for the day. Resuming lazy Sunday mode!

I hope everyone on Fosstodon has/had a truly lazy day too!

EDIT: This also officially marks Post 50 in #100DaysToOffload. I never thought I would make it this far. Granted, it's not exactly high quality content you're getting but it's building the writing habit once again.

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