Week Off - Good Intentions

I've finally got around to having a week off this week. I know full well that it's going to start with great intentions to get loads of stuff done, but we all know what happens, don't we?

I've got books to read, projects to look at and more important than anything, the opportunity to turn my work brain off for a few days.

Top of my list of things to look at, is Flutter. I've been flirting with attempting to learn this for far too long. I picked up the The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp Using Dart course from App Brewery last year, in fact, almost 1 year to the day. There's always an excuse to put it off and take a look on the next bit of leave, or the next weekend I have free.

I really need to nail down a time to work on this every day and get in to a groove to develop a habit and see if it's even something I enjoy doing.

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