A Roller-coaster of Emotions

There has been one thing that has got me through the fact that Monday means back to work after what feels like weekends that last about 5 minutes. That thing has been a new episode of Snowpiercer on Netflix.

Just as I sat down on the sofa, calendar pinged and I started getting excited and shouted "oooo Snowpie". Before I could even finish the words, my girlfriend looked at me and could I could see the pity in her eyes as I processed the reality that we'd finished it.

My heart truly sank as a barrage of expletives were let loose. She laughed at me and described how she saw the roller-coaster of utter joy turn in to complete horror. Now I'm in a full on grump.

In other news, I need to buy new bearings for the headset on my Trek as they've started grinding when moving the bars. I took it all apart to try and get the model of bearing I need. Prices seem to be all over the place for them but I think I found the right ones - wow is it confusing for someone non-mechanically minded.

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