Thoughts on Static

I've been thinking for a while that Ghost may be complete overkill for what I need, especially when #100DaysToOffload comes to an end as I'll be posting a lot less. Do I really need a full Linode running NGINX & Ghost when all I'll have to offer is a post or two a week?

Is this something I should just perhaps offload to GitHub Pages? I did look to see if this would be an option for Codeberg but this doesn't look like something that is currently supported in Gitea which is a shame.

I did look to see how much Object Storage would cost at Linode and that ended up being $5/month too so that would be an utterly pointless change.

On the flip side, this would also take me a step back in how it all looks with the default themes (yes, I'm shallow that way) that are available and would require some re-learning of things my work addled mind is throwing aside daily.

jbauer also recently tooted about moving his Mastodon instance over to Pleroma which is based on Elixir - something I fell in love with and started playing with many years ago. If only I'd have stuck at it, I might have actually been able to make something using it by now rather than just being a jack-of-all system monkey. There used to be a video series called from a guy called Rob Connery which took you through learning Elixir as though you'd just started a job and you needed to get a project up and running. It seems like he set about removing any reference to it from most places which is odd - it was a fantastic resource.

Any way, I digress. I started looking for Elixir based static site generators just for the hell of it and there only seems to be one that could still be alive right now named Serum. I'm also going to browse some other options over on to see what's available.

What are your thoughts on static site creation, hosting and theming? Come and jump in to the discussion over on Fosstodon.

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