An Early Friday

Woohoo, short week! Today was marked as a closure day which means I get a slightly longer weekend, and after this week, I need it.

Today has been damn hot for the UK and especially Wales with temperatures reaching 31°C and holding. For those of us that only see the sun a few days of the year and get rained on for the other 360 days, it's hot. Some thunderstorms are predicted for this evening which will be quite nice if they roll in. I enjoy a good thunderstorm.
On a positive note, the heat has been keeping the trails dry which means my shoes have been clean when getting back from my runs.

A parcel turned up from Amazon utterly battered today. Unfortunately the product inside was also affected with parts of it being exposed to the elements. Just not acceptable considering what it was. After going through the bot and still having questions, I was rapidly connected with someone who was incredibly helpful - getting a replacement out for me tomorrow with no questions asked. I'm sure providing photo evidence didn't hurt my case. Always a pleasure when you get someone good at their job though.

I've got a few other thoughts and concerns over Apple's WWDC but I think that should get a separate post.  

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