Cupboards, Chargebacks & Running

Today has been an eventful day. It started off with a morning wake up call from my ever so trusty furry alarm clock of a cat at 5:55AM. So much for a lay in.

Fed the cats, geared up and headed out for my trail run for the day.

Far from my fastest but that wasn't today's aim. It was all about enjoying the scenery and getting the miles in.

Once I'd had a shower, it was time to sort out Hiri. I signed up for an annual membership a few years ago to test it out. It used to be a fantastic email client offering a few different features for staying on top of a busy inbox, I really enjoyed using it. Unfortunately, they didn't keep up with the times and the updates just seemed to stop, resulting in it no longer working with Microsoft's "Modern Authentication" (OAuth2). This rendered the entire product utterly useless.
As they offer no obvious and easy way to cancel a membership, I didn't worry about it too much at the time as I thought the card I had used for it had expired. The worst that could happen was that I could no longer use the software...

A few months later, a renewal payment came out of my account. At the time I thought I must have been mistaken about which card I'd used, put it down to being my fault and emailed them requesting my annual membership be cancelled. Day's ticked on and the year became turbulent with my other half loosing one of her parents to cancer and the other becoming extremely ill with cancer (double whammy). Other stuff happened too and all in all it was a shit year - suffice to say, I lost track and forgot to chase them up.

Renewal time rolled around again and I was charged. I was far from impressed. I tried contacting the company again giving them 48 working hours to cancel my membership and refund the amount taken - no response even after a full week of waiting patiently. I'm not the only one with the issue either. Their page has vast numbers of people trying to cancel their accounts and get their money back for a product that just doesn't work anymore.

So now I've had no choice but to hit them with a chargeback through my bank. This should be covered by the "Goods or services are not as described or are in an unsatisfactory condition" term of a chargeback. Considering they are just ghosting customers while taking their money for years, I wouldn't be surprised if they could be hit with something much more serious if enough people were to push.

We shall see what comes of it. But avoid Hiri at all costs and probably anything Whittl Media Ltd in general have a hand in, because their behaviour has been fuck awful. I truly hope they experience legal consequences for what they've been doing.

On to more positive things. I spent the afternoon ripping out some old wooden shelves in my pantry that had developed a serious case of woodworm and replaced it all with a couple of Amazon Basics Shelving Units and some plastic trays to organise everything in to. So now everything has its perfect place in there and it's much easier to see what we have.

All in all, a fun packed Saturday. It is now time to vegetate in front of Netflix/Amazon while torturing myself with some foam rolling.

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