HDMI Switcher Update

After a short bike ride and getting everything done I needed to this morning, I finally got around to getting some game time in with Destiny this afternoon. This meant I had a chance to test the Techole HDMI Switcher I purchased the other day.

I clicked the button, turned on the PC and ... nothing. Then finally, just as it got to the login screen, the monitor flicked in to life. I honestly thought it wasn't working at first but it seems there is a delay on my PC detecting an input if it's connected after post and before Windows. All I need to do now is grab myself another one for my second monitor and all is well. I might buy a couple more if they hold up for a few months.

If working from home does become a more permanent fixture in my life even after we start returning to the campus then I may invest in one of 4x2 HDMI Matrix that I stumbled across, just to keep things a little tidier. That's another job that needs doing too, cable tidying. Although people do generally like the results of my work:

I suppose I could bring some of that cable ethic home... maybe.

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