Day 15 - #100DaysToOffload - FOSS in Space?

Pre Warning: We may play fast and loose with some terminology in here for the sake of getting a post out. So if the whole GNU/Linux thing triggers you, stop reading now.

I had so long to put a post together today, but did I? Did I balls. I spent the today procrastinating heavily and watching Netflix.

I did rewatch The Martian though which prompted a thought. What sort of Open Source/Free Open Source Software is currently in use in space/by the space agencies.

This question could probably be easily answered by heading over to r/space - but I'm not going to do that right now.

Operating Systems

I remember reading some time ago (can't recall the source or it's accuracy) that NASA moved a lot of their infrastructure to a Debian base. While I'm not sure this is strictly FOSS, it's free and can be contributed to.

I can't find any information at quick glance for the ESA and certainly not for the UK Space Agency. Finding any information about that thing is just a nightmare of spaghetti links through the website. Such a let down for the home team.

Open Source

NASA has made this info incredibly easy to discover (as always) and has a dedicated page on their site. According to the list, they currently have 560 open source software projects listed. Take a nosey here:

The ESA didn't make it obvious to find on their site, but a quick search resulted in a Github organisation for them here:

As per, UKSA fails to make anything obvious.

This is a topic that has intrigued me and deserves some further investigation.

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