Day 16 - #100DaysToOffload - Mobile Phones

I have to admit, I'm not one to keep up with the trends. The idea of replacing my mobile device every year to get that .001% speed increase and bigger screen just doesn't do it for me. It seems like a disgusting waste of money.

At the moment, I'm still rocking the OnePlus 3 (Not the T, the original). This thing still flies performance-wise for the tasks I need it to perform. So why am I considering replacing my trusty companion that has been with me since its release? The one and only place it has failed me, it's camera module. This is a common fault with this sensor unfortunately. The other downside is that OnePlus are no longer releasing updates for this model. It received the last security update some time ago too, so not even those.

I've just ordered a replacement module and a couple of extra tools to do the job, but just in case it doesn't work, or my shaky hands fudge things up a little, I'm going to need a backup plan.

If I can get the camera module replaced and working I may consider moving over to something like LineageOS, providing I can get my banking app to play nicely. There are methods of hiding the rooted status of the device from the app but they seem to be hit and miss.

What do I need from my phone?

  • Dual SIM (Work & Personal - Apps are separated with Island)
  • Calls (Default Phone App)
  • Passwords (Bitwarden)
  • Social & Messaging (Signal/Tusky/RiotBoost)
  • Emails (K9 / Aquamail)
  • Browsing (Firefox Preview)
  • Podcasts (PocketCasts)
  • News Feeds (Feedly)
  • Music (Sprotify)
  • YouTube (NewPipe)
  • Camera
  • Health & Fitness (Polar Flow/Strong/HRV4 & some others)
  • Banking

Apart from the Health & Fitness and banking apps, I could probably make do without the Google App Store, but unfortunately, that's just not an option right now. I've probably missed a few things off that list, but I think I covered the most common ones.

What devices are you using? What would you suggest?

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