Day 18 - #100DaysToOffload - Replace OnePlus 3 Rear Camera: Attempt 1

This really is an offload rant today.

Attempting to replace the camera module in my poor little OnePlus 3 went about as well as expected. I read, re-read, read once more and watched a couple of videos on how to remove the rear case, ordered the tools required so I didn't bodge it with the slightly oversized stuff I already had and... failure.

Not only were the plastic tools about as much use as pre-melted chocolate c***s, I also managed to do preciesly what I was hoping not to which was to pull the screen panel away from the body... Fuck it. Thankfully I spotted it before it cracked away too far and damaged the actual panel. It's just once side so I'm going to attempt to glue it back in, somehow. My protective case also wraps around the edge of the screen slightly which is holding on to it. The downside to this is that now it's more open to dust and moisture, so no more runs/rides with music for now.

I've ordered some slightly more expensive pry tools to attempt it once more but I'm not holding my breath. These days I have the finger dexterity and shakes of a 90 year old.

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