How a Desktop Background Search Led to a Comic Discovery

First, some housekeeping. For the regular visitors among you (why, what the hell is wrong with you?) - You may have noticed a distinct lack of #100DaysToOffload in the post title. I thought I'd try dropping it from the title but the posts will still be tagged. I'm sure this will rapidly lead to me loosing track of which day I'm on as I'll feel like I've broken the chain.

Anyway, on to the primary ramble rather than the housekeeping brain dribble.

I thought it was about time to change up a few of my wallpapers on my secondary screen. My other two monitors are always reserved for either a lion or pictures of my mini lions.
Mini Lion 1 - Nikita
Mini Lion 2 - Nuts

As you can tell, Nuts is an apex predator primed to kill at a moments notice.

Sidetracked again, come on - stay on point. While on my travels for a new wallpaper, I came across this cool little dude

The cutest Predator I have ever seen -

This was tagged with Derek Laufman which led me to his site and oh wow. His artwork is absolutely amazing. I also discovered some of his comics, one of which is RuinWorld which sounds and looks truly fantastic.

RuinWorld Issue 1 Preview -
Intrepid adventurers Pogo and Rex are on a quest for fame and fortune. Their discovery of a special map leads them on an epic journey through dangers, demons and old enemies. Just one problem—they’ve already lost the map. - Derek Laufman - RuinWorld Issue 01

Any comic collectors out there on Fosstodon? Carry on the discussion with me!

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