Day 2 - #100DaysToOffload

I had a couple of good ideas for this post last night, I knew I should have made a note of them at the time. Nevermind, pointless babble it is.

A few days ago, Kev@Fosstodon (I'm beginning to see a pattern here already) asked people to link their personal blogs.

This resulted in some fantastic blogs being linked and It made me wonder if I could create a phone application to replicate the functionality of something like Feedly, but just for the blogs of Fosstodon users.
There is absolutely no sane purpose to do this other than "could I?". It would be a great opportunity to learn Flutter for a bit of fun.

I've started trying to get to grips with it by using the App Brewery course and am currently building the I Am Rich application.

Once I get through the course and start trying to figure out the in's and out's of the app, I'll make the github repo public.

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