Day 20 - #100DaysToOffload

Today is a non-event post day I'm afraid. Which is also why I've reverted back to the DayX - #100DaysToOffload post title - because I don't have one for you.

Today was just entirely filled with circle-jerks (meetings) from start to finish. However, saying that there was 1 hour that was quite an interesting webinar from Academia that discussed NoMachine and ZeroTier.

I have to admit, ZeroTier did interest me quite a bit. Free, open source network virtualisation tech. It's available for a WIDE range of platforms and is incredibly simple to setup and configure. It's certinaly something I'm going to have a play with.

You can also check out their GitHub here.

That's it for today, I'm done. There's no brain left to dribble on to this page.

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