Day 5 - #100DaysToOffload

I wasn't sure what to write about tonight so I thought about just showing a picture from my walk at the weekend. This reminded me that I was looking for a service to backup my photos earlier.

I used to have a small Nextcloud server running at home on a little ProLiant. I also have a couple of NAS boxes under the desk. Unfortunately, this thing just devoured electric, to the point it was actually cheaper to pay to host the few services it was running externally. Until I culled the lot and just have the Raspberry Pi 4 running Pi-hole and the NAS boxes.

I considered spinning up another Linode to run it again, but that will be $10/month for a suitable level. This felt a bit excessive as I was only looking for something to backup my photos. Sure, I could use all the other services that comes with it, but do I really NEED it.

The next option I considered was Tresorit. I'd like the photos to be backed up from a few devices so that would have put me on their £16/month tier. I could get around this by using Syncthing on the phones to one of the devices in the house and then backup from that... Sounds like a faff and I'm just adding in more points of failure.

Next up? Backblaze B2. I don't have a vast number of photos. There's around 8GB on my phone and probably about the same on my partners. Once the initial upload has been done, there'll just be a few photos going up each month. Deletions and downloads should also be pretty minimal as this would be a secondary backup. I may have been conservative with my numbers but I still think that $2.88 for 12 months of service is damn cheap.

What's the catch? Have any of you used Backblaze B2? How has it worked out for you? Do you have any other services you'd suggest?

And just because it was the initial thought, here's one of the pictures from my walk last weekend.

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