Day 7 - #100DaysToOffload - Podcasts for your Pleasure

Whether I'm running, cycling, working or just doing stuff around the house, I'm most likely listening to a podcast or three. I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you. These are in no particular order:

Linux Based Podcasts

Linux Unplugged

LINUX Unplugged - Probably one of my more favourite ones. The presenters bounce off of each other really well and get the point across without talking over each other all of the time.

Late Night Linux

Late Night Linux - I only recently discovered this podcast after some recent hoo-ha between Joe Ressington and Jupiter Broadcasting. Suffice to say, after just a few episodes, I'm hooked. The production quality is fantastic and it suits my sense of humour.

The Self Hosted Show

The Self Hosted Show - I love hearing about all the possible things you can do at home and host yourself. Despite a recent conversation with Meatball@Fosstodon regarding shifting a lot of my internally hosted stuff externally:

2.5 Admins

2.5 Admins - This is a new podcast from Joe Ressington that's just getting started. As with his other stuff, the production quality is through the roof and the hosts just bounce off each other with ease. A real pleasure to listen to so far.

The New Show

The New Show - Yet another new one from Joe Ressington, Alan "Popey" Pope from Canonical (Ubuntu) and Daniel Foré from ElementaryOS (An OS I'd probably be using if it wasn't for my utter love of OpenSUSE).
Only one episode so far, but I can't wait to hear what these guys push out.

Fictional Podcasts

Rude Alchemy

Rude Alchemy - An hillarious comdey show (well I think so) that mixes history, mystery and horror with steampunk. Seriously, what's not to love? It never fails to cheer me up.

Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Wolverine: The Lost Trail - There's no doubt in my mind that Wolverine is fucking awesome. This is usually the one I listen to on my longer slower trail runs. The adverts are a little intrusive and can sometimes really kill the flow of the story but overall it's fantastically put together.


Victoriocity - Seriously, that's so hard to type... Does what it says on the tin. A London based comedy drama that does not fail to provide laughter a-plenty. The first episode had me smiling and laughing so much, my cheeks ached.

Life After & The Message

Life After / The Message - The Message was a fantastic show about an alien transmission and their attempt to unravel the puzzle. It was completely enthralling and I binged most of it.
Life After also didn't let me down with death and technology bringing up moral decisions.

So, there's just a very light selection of my horrifyingly huge podcast feed. But when you can be out on the bike for 6 or more hours on a training ride, entertainment is required.

What are some of your favourite podcasts?

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