Day 79 - #100DaysToOffload

It has been another truly long day at work with almost every minute filled with meetings and very little time to get anything done. The brain is fully cabbaged.

However, with it being Monday, I am excited as there should be another episode of Snowpiercer to look forward to on Netflix!

I was also happy to see this morning that microG development is continuing. Last night as I was browsing Reddit (which I am doing less and less these days), some karma whore had been making a few posts claiming to be mar-v-in. In them, they were claiming that active devlopment was going to start coming to an end for various reasons. I was surprised by this so thought I'd read it all properly again this morning and to my delight was greeted with a toot with better info:

I'm glad I didn't waste more than a couple of minutes reading over it last night.

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