Day 80 - #100DaysToOffload

Day 80. Who would have thought it. With only 20 days to go I'm starting to look back through some of the content and trying to piece it together and see what I've accomplished. All I need to do now is keep filling up my storage with this babble for another 20 days and then decide what to do after that.

I wish I had more interesting things for you at this milestone, but I don't.

Today has been a usual day of meetings with very little time to do any work. A question that one of the techs actually asked me today was: "How do you actually get any work done, let alone answer calls?". With an ever growing list of things to do, the answer is rapidly becoming "I don't". I think I'm going to have to completely block book out my calendar for a few weeks soon.

Ah well, long weekend at the end of next week, almost there!

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