GitBook Emails

I recently posted about my not so positive first impression over GitBook. It's not that the service was bad by any stretch. More that I felt some fundamentals were needlessly locked behind a "Team" plan who's cost was excessive for an individual who wanted slightly more. It could really have done with a paid "Personal" plan.

I opted to delete my account pretty much straight away as I felt the service just wasn't for me. Less than 24 hours pass and the address I had registered for the service received an email. I let it through out of interest.

It looks like a completely generic, automated email but I'd have hoped (but expected this) that after deleting my account, my address would have been removed from any mailing list subscriptions. That doesn't seem to have been the case.

The last line, however, implies that I could re-enable my account. Maybe this is sent within a certain window before the account has been deleted?

I've unsubscribed from that list now and will leave the address active with no auto forwarding in place for a little longer and keep an eye out for any more.

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