GitBook & Magnet

Today was the day where the MacBook almost got launched out of my office window in to the rain. Something that has always bugged me was it being completely incapable of remembering where your windows were supposed to be or how they were sized. Something I have absoloutely no issues with on both Linux and Windows.

I did a bit of searching myself but couldn't really find any good info on it for macOS itself and nothing really jumped out at me application-wise either. I put out a call for help and got a helpful response from BIGPESH.

The app wasn't free and open source unfortunately and I'm sure there is something out there. But for £3 I was willing to try for the sake of my rapidly fading sanity.

Magnet is now installed and seems to be serving its purpose well enough. You can drag things around, pop them in corners, select various layouts or even ignore the application.

You also get window snapping just like in Windows or Plasma (possibly GNOME too but that's not my thing). How this isn't a thing for macOS I will never know. But clicking something on the dock and having it appear wherever the hell it pleased was starting to drive me crazy.

Thank you BIGPESH!

Next up for the day was GitBook. Now, I'm almost certainly going with Wiki.js for my internal knowledge base but I thought I'd take a quick look at GitBook as it was one less thing to host myself. I don't exactly have a vast amount of information to write up but some things would have been handy. Like how to update certain things that are running so my partner could if she ever needed to without me around - or recover them if they'd fallen over/power cut/etc.

I wasn't expecting a swathe of features on the free tier but I haven't exactly been overwhelmed with what's on offer so far either. Something as basic as a dark theme is locked behind the Team plan which seems a tad excessive in price to me. It's also utterly infested with Google Analytics and other things that my blocker had a field day with.

It's a shame, I really liked the format of it but it's just not going to happen. They used to have a self-hosted option over at which seems to have been deprecated in favour of their hosted solution. I don't begrudge them wanting to get paid for what is obviously a very good product. It's just not for me.

The account has been deleted from their settings panel and the generated email disabled. I'll keep the address around for a few months to see if they attempt to send any marketing material to it.

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