It has been, too long.

It has been, too long.

It has been far too long since I last posted on my blog, and for those of you that follow my RSS feed, brace yourself for low quality content once again.

For me, this time of year is just relentless work-wise. Short deadlines with lofty requirements fly in from all directions, and it happens every year. You'd think people would learn, considering they must know about these things for months before telling us...

I've got many posts that were planned during the #100DaysToOffload but never got around to seeing the light of day, so they will be getting some polish (or actually started).

I also want to be a little more present on Fosstodon once again. That place really took a back seat when work kicked off and I've truly missed some acquaintances I made there. They are a truly fantastic and supportive group, so if you're looking for a Mastodon instance, it's certainly one to consider.

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