Where OS's Shouldn't Tread

I was wracking my brains for a few hours about what to write about today and couldn't really come up with anything until I started listening to the latest episode of The New Show podcast during my workout.

The first question that was asked today was along the lines of "What do you own that has an operating system that you wished didn't?". The first answer was something that is a serious personal bug-bear of mine - Televisions.

The very last thing I want to do is worry about updating the TV. All I want from you here is a damn good panel with enough interfaces for me to connect the various devices that entertain me. I don't care how "Smart" the TV is. Why should that even matter? I'll look after the feeds of entertainment, just be a screen.

This is a rabbit hole I've delved down a few times even to the point of looking at the commercial digital signage lines as they seem to have less bloat on them and they're designed to run almost 24/7 - something it wouldn't have to do. The issue here is the response time on digital signage is usually much, much higher. However, saying that, I just went to check some numbers to confirm this and it seems to have improved greatly since I last looked ~ a year ago.

It seems like customer grade TV's seem to have an average response of anywhere between 5-30ms whereas a commercial panel is claiming 8ms, so maybe things are starting to turn around here and it could be a viable option.

I'll avoid linking any evidence of these numbers because I have no idea of the validity behind the tests. This is merely a "in the ball park of" from a few searches and comparisons and some spec sheets for a model or two.

If you want to listen to the episode, head on over to The New Show.

So, the same question to you, reader. What do you wish was "dumb" again?

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