Snowpiercer - Netflix Series

Last Friday, I finally caught up to Netflix's releases schedule for Snowpiercer. I hate having to wait for a new episode of things I'm really enjoying although it's probably for the best. This is one series I really could just sit and binge.

Thankfully, I think there is a new episode tonight. So once dinner is over with I'm going to be chilling for 45 minutes.

So far I think the casting has been pretty good for the roles they have the actors playing. Especially with Alison Wright as Ruth Wardell. Hearing her voice put me right back in the film at one point. Nailed it. The others are pretty damn good too.

All in all, I think they're doing a good job with it. Seeing things from the other side of the passengers and not just the tail has been rewarding and fleshed it all out a little more for me. I may have to pick up the hardcover boxed set when it's released - Snowpiercer 1-3 Boxed Set.

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